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Girls Engaged in Math and Science Hoover Expo
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Greystone GEMS Group With Their Project Board
Greystone GEMS Group With Their Project Board

The Greystone Elementary Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) team recently shared their project at the Hoover GEMS expo the first Saturday of February.  This team of seven 4th and 5th grade girls has worked from October to February to plan and develop this project. The students on this team were nominated by their teachers for participation.  Each team was limited to 7 students.   

Their project was titled “Stop That Plastic: Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent and Recycle for a Cleaner Earth.”  The project first focused on researching the math behind plastic water bottle usage and potential waste issues.  The girls then researched ways to recycle and reuse plastic water bottles creatively.  They determined that one team of builders in Panama is even using recycled water bottles as insulation in new homes.  Next, the girls worked as a team to create water filters made of rocks, sand, and activated charcoal in order to better understand the filtration process and the clean water issues that exist around the world.  Finally, the team will be moving on to challenge their peers, families, and community to make a difference in these areas of concern in the coming months.  

GEMS is an educational program designed to actively involve girls in STEM related activities through formal and informal learning environments.  This Hoover GEMS day provided the teams opportunities to present their projects and participate in science, technology, engineering, and math presentations and activities throughout the morning and afternoon.  We are so thankful to the Hoover City Schools Foundation for sponsoring this engaging event for our teams!


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