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Enrichment's Creativity Week: A Huge Success
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
GSES Crayon Color Day, Creativity Week 2017
GSES Crayon Color Day, Creativity Week 2017

Thank you to all who made enrichment’s Creativity Week such a wonderful time! The entire school enjoyed a week full of activities thanks to our parents and their generous donations to our PTA. All week, we had many amazing speakers, created wondrous miniature gardens, and learned about topics we may not normally study in the classroom! Thank you to all those who helped, including our wonderful PTA who provided lunches for our speakers. 

Each year, the enrichment teachers at Greystone design a week full of fun and exciting learning for students that inspire them to learn in new and different ways.  During the week, we focused on on creativity and the areas you would find creativity at work. Activities and speakers included the following:

Monday- Creativity in the small things.

  • Speakers- entomologist, beekeeper, model maker

  • Activities- printing 3D designs created by the students, digital microscopes, and miniature garden making

Tuesday- Creativity through our actions.

  • Speakers- Berry Drama Club, animation professor

  • Activities- Spain Park Theater Class workshops, digital animation workshops, reading challenge kick off, shadow puppetry

Wednesday- Creativity in the sounds we hear.

  • Speakers- didgeridoo player, music writer

  • Activities- Tangram puzzles, didgeridoo playing workshop, making homemade musical instruments, music writing how to

Thursday- Creativity in cultures.

  • Speakers- Native American dancers, Pine Needle Basket creator, Dream Catcher Maker

  • Activities- dream catcher making, natural paint making, Story Cubes game

Ask your child about their favorite activity from Creativity Week! 

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